Those who toss and turn all night because of their old mattress often find themselves feeling tired and grumpy. It can be difficult trying to face the day when a person has not gotten the right level of sleep they need. With this content, individuals who are shopping for a mattress can learn why they should consider the new Purple mattress.

Why Consider the New Purple Mattress?

The right mattress needs to have the perfect balance between softness and strength. The Purple mattress company has been working diligently to provide their customers with the ideal balance and with their new Purple mattress, they have met the demands of their customers and improved their mattress like never before. With this mattress, individuals can say goodbye to tossing and turning and hello to a better night’s sleep.

The Purple mattress company has recently introduced three new mattresses to their lineup. It is the unique Purple Mattress Grid that offers the full comfort and support individuals needs. This grid allows a person to avoid painful pressure points from developing, so they are not tossing and turning all night. The bed also offers spinal alignment so back pain sufferers will find their back feels much better and they are not waking up in pain morning after morning.

The Purple Mattress now offers three thickness levels so individuals can choose their level of comfort based on their needs and their budget. The Purple Grid System comes in 2,3, and 4-inch thickness so sleepers now have more options than ever before.

Most sleepers have reported the Purple Mattress offers the ideal firmness level, with a medium firmness that is ideal for back and side sleepers. The Purple 3 is one of their most popular new models because it offers the ideal balance of comfort and support and is perfect for those who sleep in many different positions.

Learn More About the Options

Finding the right mattress does not need to be a headache. Check out the website to find the perfect Purple Mattress for your needs so you can rest assured you will be able to sleep soundly all night long.

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